Effective date: October 20, 2018

(Fx LTE) an unit of Hilliant Research And Technology Private limited ("us", "we", or "our") operates the www.FXlte .com website (the "Service") herein as described below:


Managed Trading Service

We offer Forex managed trading service through our website " www.FXlte .com " is governed by multiple terms and conditions, As a corporate advisor, We are the joining link between you-your broker-and our service, this service can be Canceled for any reson from our side by notifying you in writing prior to 7 days from the date of Cancelation. Managed account service neither gurantees nor warrents that any portfolio would achieve any specific size unless mentioned you in writing from our side. Most importantly please do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose. We are binded with you & your broker through the usage of an LPOA document (Limited Power of Attorney) , This document describes all the risk & the schedule of charges payable to us, Any charges if cannot be recovered amicably , We may assign recovary agents to recover past pending dues. With the revocation of an LPOA, the service is automatically terminated, This can also be done from the client side.



Forex Cashback

Forex cashback service is a Complimentary reward program in which, We reduce your trading costs by refunding a part of your spreads as we are compensated for referring you to the broker. Our service agreement starts as soon as you creating a live trading account using our promo code or our affiliate link, Rebates are accumulated and are verified and paid in a monthly cycle, If for any reason broker terminates our share, We would be forced to deny you any pending rebates as applicable. Many broker prohibits the usage of illegal trading methods such as rebate prunning, churning, arbitrage trading, If a fradulant activity is detected and proved, All the accumulated rebates would become null & void and you would be banned from trading.




Trading Signal

Trading signal program works on a subscription basis and we offer a Free 7 days for look-up of our service, Within this period the subscription can be Canceled , Once the paid subscription is started, It can also be Canceled by emailing our customer service team. You would generally be still billed for the remaining days. Some times a partial credit refund may also done as a Compliment from our end.




Forex Trading Bots

Trading bots are program that run on Metaquotes platform , All the bots listed on our site are our own intellectual property, A copy of such program is giving for personal and non-commercial usage, You cannot sell - rent - hire any of our software programs without our written permission, Else a legal penalty would be applied or a monetary compensation of upto 50,000 US dollars. Most of our trading robots has free lookup period, and can be returned within this period at free of cost (minus processing fee if any for using the processing gateway).




MQL Coding

Our team of coders would code you personal custom indicator or trading robot and warrents the liablity of Bug / Error free programming upto an extent of 99% , You cannot claim any monetary compensation due to loss arising from the usage of the same program. Any strategy or blue print (Working Principle) of the indicator or trading robot is the sole responsiblity of the innovater. We would attempt to match your strategy as much as possible where the trading platform does not limit us for doing the same. Any additional revisions would cost you new quotation.



Forex Analysis

Forex Analysis covers all the media realted to Global overseas market. It is published on a weekly basis. We do not warrent that the following of such news and publications will result in a profitable venture for you. Forex trading carries substancial risk of speculation and thus any predicted market move might actually not happen. Our publication can be freely shared across other websites and blogs but it should bear our url in the credits section.



Partnering Brokers

The brokers listed in our websites are our partners, In other words we are legally tied with them. All customers should render us harmfree with the usage of services from any of our partners. For terms and condition related to the usage of any of our partnering brokers refer to the T.O.S section in their indivizual websites.




Forex Trading in India

Forex trading in India is Illegal and is banned as per Indian framework as per the RBI publication RBI/2013-14/265 dated September 17, 2013, RBI allows and is generally understood as Forex trading in India is trading in currency derivatives. As per RBI rules “a person resident in India may enter into currency futures or currency options on a stock exchange recognized under section 4 of the Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956, to hedge an exposure to risk or otherwise, subject to such terms and conditions as may be set forth in the directions issued by the RBI from time to time”. Here at FXlte We never promote or Indulge any Indian Resident to Trade or Invest in Forex Market or use any of our services that are directly linked to Forex Market. However NRI (Non resident Indians ) can freely invest in Forex market, Or choose us as their Corporate Portfolio Manager. FXlte and any of its members would be rendered harmfree if any investor / trader opens a trading account with any of our partners within the Regulatory framework of India dis-regarding the above RBI Circular. Any disputes arising as such in this matter would be dealt in Kolkata, India. If you have any confusion in this matter contact us direct " help@FXlte .com" .