1. How are the rebates paid ?
Ans. Rebates are paid each month by 20th for previous month's activity via paypal,skrill,neteller,payza & local transfers.
2. I am using a broker that is not listed , How can you manage my funds ?
Ans. We only need you to sign an LPOA and agree to our terms rest of the things will be handled by our team.
3. Can the set-up fee be waived off ?
Ans. Set fee are charged in advance to protect our analyst & create servers for hosting your trading account, So it cannot be waived off.
4. I am from US can I join your program ?
Ans. Yes absolutely , We use Fxchoice broker for servicing clients from US & Canada.
5. A broker listed on your site has possibly scammed me & I have signed through your website what can I do ?
Ans. Please contact our service team, they will do the needfull.
7. I am not finding the LPOA that is required to get started with a managed accounts?
Ans. Some brokers don't use physical LPOA, beacuse electronic lpoa is being used.
8. In case of loss of funds in managed account , who will take the responsiblity ?
Ans. Generally we out-perform our competetors when it comes to portfolio management, But always the outcome is not so bright. In case if you have invested more than 100,000$ contact us for possible compensation.
9. What type of trading signals are offered in your package?
Ans. We mostly throw intraday signals that can last for a full day.
10. I have not received previous month's rebates what can be the reason ?
Ans. You might not be in our IB group, or may not have crossed the threshold limit of 25$ required for payout.
11. I want to join as a partner, how to start the process ?
Ans. We currently only support referrels to the managed account program, To join sign up as a partner & add referrels also don't forget to shoot an email to our service team.